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Paint and Grain Paintings and Photography by Nelson Jamal and Mischa Fanghaenel

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17.09   17-22

With DJ MINCO 18-21


17.10  12-20

With DJ Vertical67 16-19


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Saturdays and Sundays from 12-20

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Konnekt.Berlin, ‘Galerie/Tankstelle’ is proud to present the two-person exhibition ‘Paint and Grain’ with the Berlin-based artists Nelson Jamal and Mischa Fanghaenel. This first exhibition to be hosted at this unique location will include painting and drawings by Nelson, as well as photography by Mischa. 

The exhibition opens during Berlin Art Week, with a DJ set from the Berlin-based DJ MINCO, who is a resident of Watergate. The finissage features another Berlin-based DJ, Vertical67, who plays regularly at ://about blank.


Nelson and Micha’s seemingly disparate works come together in the exhibition ‘Paint and Grain’. Both artists capture their interest in the pulsating energy of the city in their own way. 

The works by Nelson and Mischa create a dialogue between serene, almost soft views of urban spaces from a distance, and the representative close-up visions of various struggles they contain: martial arts fighters in the ring, scientists trying to find a cure for a disease, or individuals fighting against the ravages of disease. 

Nelson approaches his work - whether large-scale paintings or meticulous, small drawings - in a realistic style. His characters work through crucial moments that can be read as metaphors for struggles we face in daily life. Unknown worlds like the world of Mixed Martial Arts reveal universal themes and emotions we have all encountered in everyday life.

Mischa’s work is a powerful contrast, not only in his use of the photographic medium, but also in the softened, blurred texture of the city-scapes he creates. His series ‘Blurred’ was shot entirely at night, within urban landscapes that are usually hectic and demanding. These photographs encourage us to step back from the chaos and find beauty and tranquility in unexpected places.


Each artist uses their chosen medium to present us with a personal view of their world, and the city they live in. They attempt to show us another side - for Mischa this might be the beauty in the banal. Through his lens, the lamppost we have seen a thousand times is softened, abstracted to the point of nonrecognition. Nelson’s figures can be seen as universal figures - illustrating the strong and weak moments we have all experienced in life.


Each artist expands to take on other themes as well. Mischa’s recent work has moved into portrait photography, where his sensitive eye has accompanied a friend through his battle with chemotherapy. This new work is strong, yet manages to avoid  the sentimental. He portrays his subject with dignity, again managing to bring beauty into a difficult theme. 

The slow, frightening battle against disease can be seen to represent the countless other struggles happening at any time behind the bright lights of the city.

Nelson’s work moves into the abstract in his series documenting life around the Plattenbau (high-rise housing developments predominant in the east of Berlin). These residential settlements made from prefabricated concrete slabs have often held negative associations with a grey and dismal living environment. Marzahn, a district with many of these buildings, is anything but grey and dismal. Nelson’s work combines cut-outs and painting, connecting the graphic form of the new architecture with the landscape's painterly elements in a surrounding park.

Nelson and Mischa’s work moves back and forth between the beautiful and the rough, the sharp focus and blurred visions, showing us all facets the city has to offer. While both artists chose vastly different mediums in which to express themselves and create their art, the themes they tackle, influenced by the city they know so well, bring them together.


You can find more of Nelson Jamal's work at:



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