FOTO: © Urheber: Ewa Bold und Patryk Hadas (Superultraextra duo). Alle Bildrechte gehören den Urhebern.


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“Lumen” is a visual essay about the feeling of isolation, the loneliness in the crowd where the individual features become irrelevant.

We started working on this open multimedia series shortly after we moved to Berlin from Cracow (PL) in 2014. The project has its beginning in an observation of flies swarming around a street lamp at night. We felt small and alienated in this unfamiliar big city but attracted to it at the same time. The series was our way of taming this new environment. We believe that after a shared experience of isolation during the lockdown, the series can now speak for a wider audience.

We are a collaborative art duo from Poland, based in Berlin, by Ewa Bold & Patryk Hadas called Superultraextra. Our name isn’t about bragging but observing the world that’s always striving to make SUPER more EXTRA.

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