BASEMENT KUNST: "P1P" meets Primitive Structures


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Basement art

- “P1P” meets Primitive Structures

We are kicking off a series of events utilizing Arkaoda's eclectic venue, combining arts and music. Creating a visual, sound & kinetic experience.

Event times:

The exhibition opens at 19H

Live performances:

8pm, 9pm and 10pm


11H - LATE


We will feature an exhibition of artworks and an installation created by Joaquin Margulis, a Chilean visual artist based in Berlin.

The Installation: “P1P”>

“Realities that are highly visible to everyone’s eyes can be partially covered depending on the angle from which you want to hide a reality, not without it completely extinguishing”. Covering the sun with the finger is a plastic-sound project that explores the concept of automation. We are faced with a paradox that characterizes our neo-modernity. Driven by automation, we have developed a technological world that predicted great benefits, when in reality it has inadvertently facilitated the means of spread for a pandemic, putting our society at risk and separating us from each other. Interpreting this paradox, and carried out in quarantine, the 1st prototype consists of a system of 2 mechanisms. One is in charge of raining the paint and the other in handling it. The drops fall as a result of the vibration with the structure generating a particular sound. The roller is responsible for spreading the paint and intervening the gesture of the upper mechanism. One part speaks and the other tries to silence it. An action interpreted by many in terms of problem solving, which in political, economic and social matters, ends up being an x-ray of our society. From the neo-modernity mentioned before as a dystopian vision of a future that is rather a present, and encompassing almost all artistic disciplines, the objective of the project is to create an installation with kinetic-sound sculptures that paint automatically, portraying our society through an ironically creative relationship between machine and human being. Positioning the viewer in front of the question Is the work of art the object? Or is the work of art the trace that it leaves? Therefore, is the artist the creator of the machine, or does the role of artist belong to the machine? From this controversy and with the sculpture in constant operation (as if it were a factory of serial products), the installation projects the paradoxical regression that technological advances and the political consequences of automation bring us in society. In Covering the Sun with the Finger, different voices (sounds / mechanisms) of the same system leave a trace that is later frozen on a canvas. By changing the surfaces to be painted, the edition concept is caressed, creating a series of paintings made by the machine. The performative action of changing the surfaces to be intervened reflects the role of mass production that automatism brought with it and at the same time emerges the ephemeral relevance of the time invested in each canvas and how the intervention of the body directs the result by deciding when to change the surfaces. For you to visualize it in a better way, here you can see the first prototype of this small-scale machine (approximately 40 x 40 x 40 cm) made during the quarantine period, in Berlin.

Instagram: @ joaquin.margulis

In collaboration with the kinetic sound of Joaquin's installation “P1P” we have Primitive Structures from label Kashual Plastik. They will be performing a series of improvised, experimental sets which will be recorded live.

Frans Aembient, label founder of Kashual Plastik will be sending us into the early hours with records to continue the experimental tone set by the other artists.

Kashual Plastik, a vinyl, tape and art label, was founded for hedonism, free-spirited music lovers. The Short Run releases shall be dedicated to underground and casually combine selected tunes from all kinds of music. Don't ride your horse backwards to the future!

Instagram: @kashual_plastik

Curated by @artwithlmw


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