TAM TAM Recordshop

TAM TAM Recordshop is an inherent part of Aachen's vinyl culture for over 30 years now. We offer a big variety of second hand vinyl and weekly news of all genres.

Before the lockdown we additionally organized In-Store-Sessions where we invited international bands, artists and DJ's. In the past weeks we have been financially struggling and evertyhing seemed to fell apart, but after a short mental crisis we pulled ourselves together and decided to use this lockdown for some changes at our shop.
We did a stocktaking of our whole collection and put it up on Discogs (https://www.discogs.com/seller/TamTam-Recordshop/profile) and also redesigned our little dj booth which sees the light of day on our first stream here at dringeblieben.

You would be our hero if you buy one of those tickets and support our mission to bring peace to this world by selling mind changing records and making people happy!

THANK YOU Rausgegangen & Dringeblieben for lending us a helping hand and giving us the opportunity to use your beautiful platform to reach out to the rest of the world from our lovely little shop!

If you want to visit us in real life we are pleased to say that we are open again!
Come diggin' on the following days every week:
Tuesdays & Fridays: 14-19h
Saturday: 12-18h
Franzstraße 50
52064 Aachen

Hope to see you soon & stay healthy!

Much Love!

TAM TAM Recordshop

Franzstraße 50,
52064 Aachen
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