MS Stubnitz

Welcome aboard the Culture Ark! Motorship Stubnitz is an independent and open platform for research and documentation of contemporary young culture. For thousands of years, seafarers have traveled from port to port on a mission of cultural exchange. Today Stubnitz presents you the most innovative music and performing arts from local and international artists. Each performance is recorded and preserved in an onboard audio-visual archive, totaling in more than 3000 recordings for the last 15 years. .. MS Stubnitz is a team of volunteers and like-minded individuals who take great pride and passion to make this sanctuary for culture and creativity work and keep it open and accessible for everyone... MS Stubnitz, a former ocean-going vessel of GDR fishing fleet, is a cultural heritage monument in itself and is officially listed as such by the city of Rostock, its homeport. It is the last surviving specimen of its type and class in full operation... Welcome aboard the Culture Ark!
Kirchenpauerkai 26,
20457 Hamburg

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