THE BURNING HELL Third Time’s the Charm Tour 2021

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Third Time’s the Charm Tour 2021

opening acts

Desmond Garcia One Man Band

Kelly McMichael




Over ten years and almost as many albums, the lineup and sound of Canadian garage-folk oddballs The Burning Hell has changed often,

but the band has remained idiosyncratic and unclassifiable - much to the delight of those who love them.

The constant has always remained Mathias Kom's lyrics and singular outlook on the world: wise and naive, cynical and life-affirming, full of brilliant, unexpected narratives and a deeply felt generosity of spirit.

The band's live performances underscore these themes: they exhibit a joy and camaraderie too infrequently seen on stage.

Indeed, the essence of the band is inclusive and celebratory; whether live or on record, there's something for everyone.

As Tom Robinson of BBC Introducing said about The Burning Hell, "even Jesus is going to enjoy this, once he finally gets here."

The Burning Hell are known for tour schedules as densely packed as their lyrics, and they’re certainly no strangers to adversity on the road, having completed an unofficial world-record-breaking tour of ten shows in ten countries in 24 hours, and in a more typical year playing everywhere from Belarus to the Yukon to the Faroe Islands to far above the Arctic Circle in Norway.

But the coronavirus pandemic has kept them unusually grounded, and their upcoming tour dates in November 2021 are the result of two consecutive reschedulings. Band members Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom released a duo album of labour songs for the gig economy called “Never Work” on May 1, 2020, but they’ll be taking the full band on the road with them this autumn, playing songs from “Never Work,” new songs about birds and the apocalypse from their upcoming record, as well as plenty of older favourites.

The Burning Hell has always been a joyous, jubilant live band, and after a year and a half of pacing around inside, they’re more eager than ever to hit the road again and play and sing their hearts out wherever they go.


Kelly McMichael (based in St John’s, Canada) is known for her commanding stage presence, striking vocals and clever songwriting.

Her debut LP (May 2021) has attracted international attention and praise as a breakthrough Independent release.

Recorded with Jake Nicoll of The Burning Hell, who also played drums and co-produced the album, ‘Waves’ has dreamy and timeless pop/rock arrangements that incorporate psychedelia, synth-pop, americana and grunge to support Kelly’s distinctively emotive and soulful expressions.


Liebe Gäste derShow

Bei diesem Konzert handelt es sich um eine 2G(+) - Veranstaltung. 

“we will do everything possible make these shows as safe as they can be.

Please bring your proof of vaccination, and IF POSSIBLE, TEST YOURSELF before attending. The band is testing themselves every day on tour and will be wearing masks indoors - let’s all have consideration and respect for each other’s health and safety”

Aufgrund der aktuell hohen Inzidenzwerte und der damit verbundenen Möglichkeit der Virusübertragung, auch durch Geimpfte, folgende Empfehlung an euch: Falls möglich, macht vor dem Besuch der Burning Hell Show einen Schnelltest, um größtmögliche Sicherheit aller Beteiligten zu gewährleisten.

Wir wollen vermeiden, dass sich einzelne Bandmitglieder infizieren.

Das würde wahrscheinlich nicht nur das Ende der Tournee bedeuten, sondern die Band auch ökonomisch schwer belasten.

Und für den (eher unwahrscheinlichen) Fall, dass die Showaufgrund eines Lockdowns abgesagt werden muss, bitten wir euch, 

eure Tickets verfallen zu lassen und an die Künstler*innen zu spenden, damit wir diese finanziell entschädigen können. Danke.


Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this concert can only take place under the current  regulations.

Access to this event is is only allowed for guests that are:

- fully vaccinated

- fully recovered

Your personal informations will collected at the door. Those informations are confidential and will be permanently erased after 4 weeks.

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