Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Semi Spooky Pre Halloween Show @ Loophole



7:00PM Doors Open

8:00PM NoNightmares 


10:00PM Yasha

11:00PM TG01 (DJ)

12:30AM Kang (DJ)




All our events will be 2G - so we require vaccination codes or proof of recent recovery.



Here's somesome from our beloved artists :


NoNightmares - Stomping, drifting, and crying in autotune, NoNightmares found their sound in the scraps of matty’s hard drive and Gabe's heavily processed whining. Call it pop, call it what you want.


CESSPOOL - CESSPOOL is an electronic indie duo between two scandi boys. A bit of hyperpop, a little vaporwave and a hint of 90s alt rock nostalgia. Lots of autotune and distorted synth presets.


Yasha - Yasha is a Berlin-based indie project from the mind of 25-year-old Jáchym Kovář. His music is a contrast between rawness and dreaminess, which is supported by his honest lyrics, occasional acting, and visuals.

The Boy Who Came Here From The Dust (Yasha, 2021) is a 12 track conceptual indie rock/outsider pop album from Yasha. Through intimate, emotional, and realistic songwriting, Yasha’s debut album reflects upon his family relationships, the absence of love, and toxic masculinity, authentically and honestly.


TG01 - TG01 is an artist hailing from Mumbai, India, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. A versatile artist who has found his home exploring multiple avenues of electronic music and drawing inspiration from different styles of dance music. 


KANG - Kang is an emerging techno producer, hailing from Sweden & currently grinding in Berlin. Converging big room techno with & tribal African beats, Kang hopes to bring a new sense of movement & feeling to the techno scene and inject some much needed groove.


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