FOTO: © Artwork by Diego Sanjuan Villanueva

Signals Festival 2021

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Signals Festival 2021 > Utopia or Dystopia

Are we heading for a utopia or dystopia, and how can art & technology determine that direction?

Via live performances, installations, screenings, workshops and dialogues we ask what does artistic expression look like in a sustainable community and what is our responsibility as artists to transform the wider social, political & industrial landscapes.




/// Live Performances
Performing & streaming live from the Funkhaus, we present an eclectic selection of musical talent..

BoLs/sLoB > presents 'THE SLOB SHOW'
Elisanyhm > hybrid
Emme Moises > AV live
GhostRaum > performative live show
Gina Lo & Felipe Vareschi > present 'A Temple in Space'
Lithium > live
Sarah Kivi > live
Solving Mazes > live
Ytotiany & Shoro > live


/// Installations
Presenting site-specific, immersive audiovisual installations..

Doron Sadja presents 'Losing Site of Time'
Giovanni De Benedetto & Stefano Menion Ferrari present 'PREMATURE NFTs'
Gabriela Prochazka presents 'Sensory test'
Gina Lo presents 'Sonic Sauna'
Benjamin Bacon presents 'Tanz im Auge'
Felipe Vareschi & Giorgio Cattaneo present 'The Sensory Totem'


/// Film Screenings
Telling stories from a diverse range of voices, genres and styles..

Programme TBA!


/// Dialogues
Open and in depth conversations on the trends, issues and challenges that creators face..

'Social responsibility and activism in storytelling'
'A music community built on sustainable practice' in collaboration w/ Music Pool Berlin


/// Workshops
Bringing together our own and our partner educators for specialist collaborative masterclasses..

'Found objects & self-made instruments as performable tools' w/ Pablo Diserens (Ōtone)
'Free signal liberation' w/ Peter Kirn (CDM)
'Methods for audiovisual interactive production with Touchdesigner' w/ Paulina Greta
'The art of listening: Mastering' w/ Conor Dalton
'VR Storytelling Masterclass' w/ Felix Gaedtke (NowHere Media)
'XLR Microphone Cable Soldering' w/ Stefan Knauthe


/// Considering COVID
Adapting to a changing world, Signals Festival will continue to be a hybrid event in 2021. With content presented online and in-person, we will also put in place best health practices that meet our communities’ needs and expectations.


/// About
Exploring art and technology, Signals Festival is an annual showcase of Catalyst - Institute of Creative Arts & Technology's emerging and diverse creative communities. Come join us!


Artwork by Diego Sanjuan Villanueva



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