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Sacred Ground Festival 2022

TAGESTIPP Verlosung 2G Feste & Festival Open-Air

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First acts coming soon!

Sacred Ground has been challenging and transforming the idea of what a festival can be since its start in 2015. After going to too many overcrowded, impersonal festivals with unhealthy and bland food and drinks, no real collectively shared moments, we decided to take a different approach. From the beginning we believed that we can create an immersive get away, enabling our community to dive into a world of magic to take a rest from the everyday routine and create place of refuge. This is one of the reasons we support small and regional businesses and manufacturers, do without plastic, corporate branding and are careful to direct the sensory impulses to the good things in life: art, mindfulness, wellness for body & soul and culinary delights. 

The musical line up is made up of friends and respected artists of our curators Ry X and Frank Wiedemann, which sets the tone for a deeper understanding, respect and appreciation among the artist and is felt in all performances. Not seldomly leading to spontaneous performances and collaboration on one of our stages and/or beyond the festival. With no VIP/backstage areas, we break down exclusivity and borders between guests and artists, involving everyone in the same space to share and experience at this special gathering.

Our Sacred Village is tucked away from the main festival ground filled with a diverse program of body work, talks and yoga as well as a team of amazing massage therapists and a sauna led by specialists. We have something for all levels and interests, enabling everyone to discover and deepen their realm of their self and their surroundings with insightful and lasting experiences. Relax and refresh at the tea and juice bar, take your body and mind to a place of serenity and growth before moving into the energy of the festival.

Taking care of all senses has always been close to our heart, that’s why our selection of food and drinks has always had top priority. Next to a variety of delicious regional, organic and/or animal friendly food vendors we focus on high quality drinks.

Last but not least, at the core of our ethos lies the love and respect nature. We do all in our power to balance out our footprint. Adding a complete plastic free festival site as of 2019 in combination with the use of solar power and the reducing the numbers of cars and camper vans is the continuation of our mission and efforts to reduce our footprint where we can.


presented by DIFFUS, FluxFM & ASK HELMUT

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