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Precarious Mobilizations: A crip choreographer’s perspective in settling/unsettling/resettling

Theater Literatur

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Articulating disability studies and queer theory in his work on "crip theory", Robert McRuer has coined the notion of "crip" which can be roughly summarized as a disabled body's resistance against what McRuer calls "compulsory able-bodiness". Drawing on this notion of crip, in a first step I will outline my own choreographic position as one of engaging that disabled body's inherent resistance in processes of de-organizing and re-organizing hegemonic forms of movement and of organization. In a second step, I will introduce the idea of precarious mobilization, defined here as a specific kind of mobilization in which the relation between the body and its environment (or milieu) is in a constant process of becoming settled, unsettled and resettled. In a third step, what I call a crip choreographer’s sensibility for precarious mobilization will be explored in its political and ecological implications. In other words, how can we engage in a broader choreographic practice of inventing new forms of movement organization that attend to and, so to say, "care for" mobilization's inherent political and ecological precariousness?


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