FOTO: © Petr Lebeda

Prague theatre 11:55 about decision making: Should I stay or should I go

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Young and progresive theatre groupe 11:55 from Prague presents their new show "Should I stay or should I go". Inspired by Henrik Ibsens drama "Nora" the ensemble discuss the topic of decisions making.

What influences our decisions and which decisions make us happier? Could Nora have decided in Ibsen's drama other than to leave her family? Could she have lived a happy life? Could we change our mind and live a different life today? We have a guide for you: Take your phone and write a message that you wanted to write but were afraid or postponed it for some reason… Think carefully about the wording of the message, but do not send it yet. Are you feeling better? Not yet? You will receive the rest of the instructions during the performance!

The performance will be held in English.


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