Loop Artist Festival Berlin


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Live looping has been a thing for a while already. From Terry Riley to Ed Sheeran musicians have been experimenting with the idea to make music on the go by recording and rerecording themselves live on stage. Invented in 1953 the loop pedal opened new doors for creative music making and transformed the image of the one-person band. Loopers became to be even more relevant in the times of pandemic, when musicians simply couldn’t get together anymore. Now as more and more artists are adopting this technology, it seems to be the right time to celebrate the art of live looping and see/hear what has been achieved in this field so far.

Seven artists representing different genres of music will come together to showcase their work at the first of its kind in Berlin - Loop Artist Festival. Singing, beatboxing, playing violin, flute or guitar, it doesn’t matter as soon as you have a looper and creative mindset!


Kuker , Berlin

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