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LABYRINTH: The Cabinet of Curiosities - #3. Inferno


Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

The LABYRINTH Triptych is the three-part evolution of the LABYRINTH: Cabinet of Curiosities performance exhibitions presented by the 1781 Collective. Part I - #3. Inferno opens the realm with a descent into the Inferno, as imagined by Dante; an exploration of Nicomachean Ethics and Aristotelian Virtues through the lens of music, theatre, and dance.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…”

… and with these immortal words, we re-enter the LABYRINTH. ‘Inferno’ sees you as the poet journeying to the centre of the world, before re-emerging in the world of Purgatorio.


A Cabinet of Curiosities. An Exhibition of Performances. A Geisterbahn of musical and artistic experiences. The third edition after our previous sold out performances - new and improved, and still completely Covid-19 requirement compliant. Let us guide you through the depths of the Inferno and release you to our shared Purgatory.

/// WHAT:

10 micro-performances from leading Berlin artists, showcasing the entire range of classical music and performance, all whilst discovering the vaults of Alte Muenze - an unexpected journey underneath one of Berlin’s true historic monuments.

/// WHY:

We've created a journey that not only makes up for the past eighteen months of artistic hunger due to the necessary lockdowns, but one that refuses to allow ongoing restrictions to limit our artistic creativity. To make up for all we have missed out on, we have curated TEN artists and musicians to experience in under one hour - a tasting menu of Berlin's finest non-traditional performers. We have designed this event with the safety measures as a key element, in order to minimise social anxiety and maximise your personal experience.

/// HOW:

You will enter the Labyrinth in groups of up to fifteen fellow audience members. Simply choose which time session you would like to use on the TICKETS link, and book as many tickets as you would like. The tickets remaining will show how many others have chosen the same time. You are welcome to purchase an Entire Session for a reduced fee (scroll to the bottom of the ticket selections), and we will block out an entire session for you and up to fourteen friends - or, come alone and experience real intimacy.

***If you select an Entire Session, the 1781 Collective team will get in contact with you to confirm a time slot. You can also contact us at to choose which available section you want cleared for you and your party. The full experience lasts for around 55 minutes total performance, as well as 10 minutes pre-arrival.


  • 3G Rules Apply - please bring with you your same day test, or proof of vaccination and/or recovery.
  • FFP2 or equivalent masks are required from start to finish
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts - late arrivals will have to gamble on empty slots ahead of them!
  • Please input accurate contact details for Covid-19 regulations - we will have QR-codes and hard-copy sign-ins at the entrance to facilitate this.
  • Sadly the venue is not wheelchair accessible. To make up for this, if you are disabled and have a piano, our pianist will gladly come to you and give you a private concert instead.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable.
  • All questions will be answered at arrival at the venue, and don’t hesitate to email with any queries prior to the performance.


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