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Gesprochenes Dialog & Lesung Symposium

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

With this symposium tanzpol invites at the end of the week to a multi-perspective sharing of experiences and research about the non-western dancing body on the European stage. Voices from Iranian and Non-Iranian artists, theorists and researchers will be heard. The symposium wants to open up a critical discussion around the concept of tanzpol itself and about ways of sharing, curating and representing dance knowledge and various artistic practices.

tanzpol Symposium is a public event and invites external guests, who are interested in the program. Panels and lectures will be in English.

Parents with children are welcome! We provide an extra studio with babysitter for the full day in studio 2, just a few steps away from studio 14.


Uferstr. 8/23
13357 Berlin

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