FOTO: © © Erin O’Keefe, Courtesy Seventeen

Deutsche Bank Collection LIVE Meet Erin O’Keefe

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Photography and architecture are decisive for Erin O’Keefe's work. I am a photographer and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines, it says in her biography. The artist, who lives in New York and Canada, assembles self-made objects into installations and photographs them in such a way that the boundaries between three- and two-dimensionality become blurred. It is no longer possible for the viewer to tell what the original forms looked like, where the shadow ends and the space begins. Seeminlgy two-dimensional compositions with bright colors and backgrounds merge into one another. Compositions arise that are at a distance from real spatial situations. As a photographer, O’Keefe explores this precise transition from form in space to image.

Britta Färber, Chief Curator of the Deutsche Bank Collection, will talk with Erin O’Keefe about photography, architecture, unusual visual experiences, and much more.

This event will take place online. If you are interested, register here for the Zoom Webinar. If you do not wish to participate directly in the discussion, you can also follow the event live on our website.


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