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Tanzworkshop mit Kirstie Simson, dancer / improvisational artist (Wales)

23. – 25. Mai 2022, jeweils von 10 – 13 Uhr

As a teacher of Dance Improvisation my interest is in engaging all people in the experience and vitality of pure creation in moment-to-moment virtuosic improvisation. What inspires my work is the constant rediscovery of how such exploration can serve as a catalyst for learning opportunities that will benefit the individuals for the rest of there lives. I understand learning as a transformation of self-discovery through a process of uncovering and revelation, and it is my belief that all people hold within themselves the potential for great creative achievement. Ours bodies are designed for movement, and it is our birthright to engage and enjoy embodied intelligence. Through the investigation of simple movement practices we can generate a state of body/mind that is of great benefit to our overall sense of wellbeing, one that can enhance and potentially transform our relationship to being alive.

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lesenswerter Artikel über Kirstie: Tanz des Lebens

Kosten: 160 € / erm. 135 € / Early bird (bis 31.3.): 110 €

Es gibt nur begrenzte  Plätze.

Anmeldung unter oder 030 43 777 864


Ahornstraße 24
12163 Berlin

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