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23rd Edition | Part 1: 19 January–6 February 2022 | Part 2: 24–29 May 2022

In response to the worsening Covid-19 conditions this winter, CTM’s 23rd edition has been split into two parts. Final confirmations for CTM Part 1 focus on the festival’s exhibition and new installations presented at Kunstquartier Bethanien, plus online talks and workshops to kick-off our Discourse programme. Looking ahead, we’re excited to share first elements of a thrilling concert and club programme, which will take place in May at the heart of CTM 2022 Part 2. More CTM 2022 Part 2 programming will be announced in March.

CTM 2022 Part 1

CTM 2022 Contact asks how we might establish positively transformative modes of contact with other realities beyond our own, be it between people with different ways of life, in different parts of the world, between generations, or with our planetary environment and the diversity of its life forms. What modes of listening are relevant and urgent in the present moment and how might we listen in more compassionate ways?


A special 40 Years of Touch concert features longtime collaborators as well as artists that consistently expand the experimental music’s sonic terrain. With Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Ipek Gorgun, Oren Ambarchi & crys cole, Youmna Saba, The Tapeworm. Fronte Vacuo will present »Humane Methods [ΣXHALE]« a performative interactive dissection on human violence, at Radialsystem.

Presented online via HAU4 and CTM’s YouTube channel, »Jump Cut« is a six-part series of streamed collaborations conceived by Dana Gingras/Animals of Distinction that curates unpredictable multidisciplinary encounters. The series premiered at CTM 2021 with limited releases of the initial episodes, and will now be shown in its entirety, including the premieres of the final two episodes at CTM 2022. With: Brenna Murphy, Marie Davidson, Lucrecia Dalt, Peaches, Roger Tellier-Craig, Sabrina Ratté, Sonya Stefan, Tot Onyx & many more.

Exhibition and Installations

The CTM 2022 exhibition »Connected Alienation / Vernetzte Entfremdung« provides a look into various aspects of working collaboratively in pandemic times. The works by Ale Hop, Ali Eslami & Mamali Shafahi, Dana Gingras / Animals of Distinction, Hugo Esquinca, and Ibrahim Quraishi are the result of artistic exchanges across distances. The works involve a wide range of voices including Peaches, Marie Davidson, Lucrecia Dalt, KMRU, and many more. Taken together, they point to potentials, effects, successes, and pitfalls of telematically mediated contact and encounters. How can connections, artistic exchange, and mutual understanding be developed and nurtured when physical togetherness is not possible? A trio of works reflecting CTM's international collaborations are shown under the title »Connected Alienation – Bonus Tracks,« and feature Collo Awata and Madam Data, Gaspar Cohen, and pantea & u-matic & telematique.

The performative installation »Modular Organ System« by Phillip Sollman and Konrad Sprenger features interventions by Arnold Dreyblatt, Brass Abacus, Ellen Arkbro, Kali Mallone & Stephen O’Malley, Will Guthrie.

Premieres of the Radio Lab commissioned works »Incantations« by Andrius Arutiunian and »What is Not/O Que Não Está« by Fronte Violeta with Martha Kiss Perrone will be shown as installations.

A limited number of virtual visits are available to the CTM 2022 exhibition and installations plus the »Modular Organ System« as well as the Radio Lab works by Fronte Violeta and Andrius Arutiurian – for those who are unable to join us in person. Conducted by local friends and colleagues within CTM’s extended network, the visits aim to foster personal exchange, and to offer a glimpse of several CTM events at a time when more people than ever might not be able to make it in person.


 Streamed via CTM's YouTube channel, the CTM 2022 Discourse series will offer several workshops and participative online formats for Part 1. 

A series of online workshops for artists by artists, titled A2A Transmission, will once again offer sessions to sound practitioners with the aim of expanding their skill sets and practices at a time when touring and in-person performance opportunities are greatly reduced. Jessica Ekomane walks musicians through beginner practices in Max/MSP; artist and technologist Hexorcismos explores deep learning techniques for audio; producer, rapper, and founder of Holdersland Haleek Maul delivers an intro into Web3 and NFTs for musicians; SVBKVLT affiliate Gooooose discusses how to develop a singular sound using stock plugins; Senyawa’s Rully Shabara examines the voice as representative of one's ideas and ideals while convening participants in a shouting workshop; producer and composer SØS Gunver Ryberg offers insights into translating artistic practice into composing for video games and film. These intimate and practical 2-hour sessions see various artists provide insights into their specific practices. 

This edition of the Rethinking Music Ecosystems – an ongoing series aimed at encouraging thinking and exchange on sustaining more equitable music systems – invites Berlin-based collective Black Swan to concoct a participatory experiment with the extended music community. Employing decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) infrastructure and thought in a bid to realise new ways of creating work, Black Swan will work with a number of resource-pledging silent stakeholders. Black Swan will offer a public presentation and Q&A to kick off the project at CTM, and an open call for participants will be launched in March. 

Music researcher Shzr Ee Tan will lead a module exploring how we might uncover hidden flows in the world of music and performance, reframing discussions on labour, authenticity, and creation in dialogue with researchers Rehilwe Mooketsi and Anjeline de Dios, who bring specific perspectives from South Africa and the Philippines respectively. In conversation with Eleni Ikoniadou, Radio Lab Kontinuum commission winner Jonathan Reus will present the launch of »In Search of Good Ancestors / Ahnen in Arbeit,« a year-long sound work exploring intergenerational thinking and voice synthesis.

The 2022 Research Networking Day will feature short presentations within different thematic modules related to CTM’s Contact theme. With: Helen Anahita Wilson, Jasmin Schreiber, Shrey Kathuria, Caitlin Shepherd, Hakeem Adam, Lottie Sebes, Ultimate Leisure Worker’s Club, Caroline Ford DeCunzo, Michelle/Min Lai, and Nelle Möller. Hosted by Paderborn University, UdK Universität der Künste Berlin, and  the German Association for Music Business and Music Culture Research (GMM).

Special Events

In the »Keys Only« partner event. Berlin’s ensemble mosaik will present a concert programme that focuses on the sonic possibilities of synthesizers and keyboards – only.

In collaboration with transmediale, the city-wide Vorspiel 2022 initiative will unite over 65 Berlin-based initiatives and venues in a programme featuring exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks, and special events. The programme will be announced in January and will run in parallel to CTM and our sister festival transmediale 2021-22, who will round out their year-long festival edition with a symposium and an exhibition.

CTM 2022 Part 2

Festivals are as much about art and music as they are about exchange and togetherness. The second half of CTM 2022 heads full-force into the shared experiences and dancefloor euphoria that have been at the heart of the festival since the beginning. A preliminary CTM 2022 Part 2 schedule is available online and Part 2 passes are on sale now. Many more artists will join the currently confirmed lineup of:

Alada [BR/DE] / Animistic Beliefs [NL] / Aquarian pres. »Ouroboros« live A/V (visuals by Sougwen) [INT] / Arsenal [UG] / Avtomat [PL] / Bloomfeld [DE] / Chrisman [UG] / deli girls [US] / dj botox [DE] / De Schuurmann [NL] / DJ Fuckoff [NZ/DE] / Ecko Bazz [UG] / Edna Martinez [CO/DE] / Elvin Brandhi [UK] / Gábor Lázár [HU] / Haxan [DE] / Ifeoluwa [NG/UK] / I Hate Models [FR] / Jennifer Cardini [FR/DE] / Jennifer Walton [UK] / Little Snake [CA] / Loraine James [UK] / Machine Girl [US] / Nakul Krishnamurthy [IN] / Nazar with Shapednoise present »Sentient_1« [INT] / Nene H [TR/DE] / NURSE3D [INT] / Opium Hum [DE] / Ostbam [PL/DE] / Raed Yassin – »The Phantom Orchestra« [INT] / Slumberland feat Sainkho Namtchylak [BE/RU] / Urin [INT] /  VARIÁT [UA/DE] / Yazzus [UK/DE] / Yung Singh [UK]

Contact Theme

One of the most important things that music and a music festival like CTM can bring about is contact – with diverse sonic worlds, communities, and experiences, but also between traditions, temporalities, geographies. As the social functions of music and festivals have been weakened, and as we grapple with a multiplicity of waves and meanings of »reopening,« CTM 2022 aims to highlight the importance of creating space for many forms of contact, and to reflect on their requirements. How can we revive, rethink, and strengthen music and its spaces of possibility for exchange and emotional resonance? Because without new and challenging forms of contact in the present, we cannot expect a more collective, just, and joyful future.

Tickets, Passes and Covid Hygiene Rules

There are no festival passes for CTM 2022 Part 1 in January/February; tickets to individual events are now on sale. In-person access to all festival events will be offered under the »2G+ rule« (vaccinated, recovered, plus booster or negative test, and wearing a FFP2 mask throughout the event). Please check our detailed event access and hygiene rules.

Festival passes to CTM 2022 Part 2 are now on sale in limited quantities. Tickets will become available in spring.

Streamed content will be offered free of charge via CTM’s YouTube channel.

CTM 2022 Playlist

A good way to support artists in these ongoing pandemic times is to browse and purchase some of their music. We've created a CTM 2022 first announcement playlist on Buymusic.club, a platform that allows anyone to create and browse lists of independent music purchasable on Bandcamp. More playlists will be created as the CTM 2022 programme expands.


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