FOTO: © Crépite. Moments

Crépite. Moments #01 w/ Temple Tears, Bassara (live) & Crépite. Family


Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

A break from the insane.

A curated pledge of deep vibes & colors.

A gathering with no sense of time.

A singular rhythm.

An escape from reality.

A moment in time.


The whole Crépite. family is super excited to be back in Berlin and to invite you to one of their favorite nest: Beate Uwe





⑇ Bassara (Live)

[ Berlin ]

⑇ Temple Tears

[ Paris ]


- Crépite Family -


[ Berlin ]

⑇ Farn

[ Berin ]

⑇ luçïd

[ Paris ]

⑇ Matildoutz

[ Paris ]

⑇ soy


[ Paris ]


➤ Doors open: 11PM

Permission: 2G (fully vaccinated or recovered, no test needed)


Crépite. Moments

With this event series, we are aiming at creating bridges between the Berlin and Paris slow music scenes.

Inviting artists who drive the local scenes here and there for their Debuts in a new city. Supporting them to give the chance to their beautiful music to spread 


Crépite. is a Music & Art Collective founded in 2015 and based in Paris and Berlin. A beautiful gem that crackles (in french 'crépite') and spreads deep sounds through downtempo, slow house and melodic techno.

Multi-disciplinary collective, we are releasing exclusive music under our imprint 'Crépite. Records' and curate 'The Gemstone' podcast Series.


Each facets invite you to travel with us. Whoever you are, welcome on board.


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