Alex Rapp, Sable, Lucca Live

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A night of powerful electronic producers/ songwriters. 


Alex Rapp’s hypnotic pop unites experimentation with confession, bringing a unique blend of soulful electronica to the streets of Berlin. The DC native is equal parts vocalist, producer, songwriter and music technologist. With dreamy harmonies and maximalist soundscapes, she unpacks passionate stories of love and heartbreak, drawing you into her sonic world. Her latest EP, “Spiralling”, examines her own cycles of dependence, and sees Alex trying (and sometimes failing) to find power in independence.


Walking the line between Northern English romanticism and Berlin club culture, Sable is an electronic music producer with a focus on the everyday and the intimate. With delicate vocals woven into post-dub inspired beats, her songs look at small moments as a lens through which to address the personal and the political.

Lucca is a singer, songwriter and producer from Berlin. The main element in her alternative pop productions is her angelic yet broken voice that she uses to build dark soundscapes. With vocal layers, simplistic piano patterns and electronic elements she takes listeners on deeply emotional journeys through her melancholic world.
 She has had appearances in local clubs and Berlins famous cabaret theater (BKA) and was selected as a resident at ACUD Macht Neu with Amplify Berlin in 2021. She is now touring Berlins nightlife with her analogue set up.


Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60
12053 Berlin

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