Armen Avanessian & Enemies Next Waves Theater #25: Hé Bien! La Guerre

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Volksbühne Berlin
Volksbühne Berlin

26.05.2021 19:00 Uhr
Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin

“I go to Paris to have sex. Sometimes I feel like a philistine piece of shit, thinking: hey, here is a city full of art, culture, fine dining, history, fashion, and vibrant intellectual life, yet all I want from it are sleepless, druggy nights drifting from small, dark apartment to small, dark apartment, all those big dicks and shimmering muscles in between the only sights” you have seen.” Ashkan Sepahvand, La Pute Arabe

Today, I believe in the possibility of love; that is why I endeavour to trace its imperfections, its perversions.” Frantz Fanon, Black Skin White Masks

Women and love are underpinnings. Examine them and you threaten the very structure of culture.” Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution

Hé bien ! la guerre. is a multimedia opera with music by Birke Bertelsmeier, libretto by Selin Davasse and direction by Tilman Hecker transmorphing the sensuous story of Dangerous Liaisonsa 1782 epistolary novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos with playful, poetic and potent fragments of queer, feminist and postcolonial theory.

Director: Tilman Hecker
Libretto: Selin Davasse
Composition: Birke Bertelsmeier
Costume Design: Belle Santos
Dramaturgy: Dominikus Müller

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Volksbühne Berlin


Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin


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