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ORTSTERMIN 21 draws attention to the current and fragile state of society and intends to re-establish a direct discussion with contemporary art and culture as an essential part of society. For more than a year now, the ongoing pandemic has repeatedly forced artists to suspend their presentations and worry about their existence.

With this year’s festival theme RESET, ORTSTERMIN will also start afresh in terms of its artistic range and will offer a platform to as many artists and disciplines as possible in 2021.
›Reset‹ means reverting an electronic device to its default settings—which can become necessary if commands and input sequences no longer function properly. Applied to social systems, however, we have to ask ourselves if a ›reset‹ is even possible.

Society is in a state of suspension: Waiting for the restart, waiting for the return of social life and new encounters, waiting for stores and institutions to reopen. We begin to question ourselves and our social interaction: What’s important to me? What can and should stay the same, what can and must go? How can we make the most of this opportunity to reposition ourselves? Is it really a ›point zero‹ after which everything starts up all over again?⁠

These questions invite all artists living in Moabit and the Hansaviertel to bring their work to the public and help to shape the diverse program of the ORTSTERMIN 21 art festival consisting of open studios, exhibitions, readings, concerts, screenings, and performances.

Kunstverein Tiergarten also asks cultural institutions and stores to offer space to artistic projects and to become hosts of ORTSTERMIN.

Application deadline: 15 May 2021

Information about the festival and application:

Application via email to:

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