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New Currents

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14.05.2021 11:00 Uhr
BBA Gallery , Berlin

Edition 1 - Zusammen: Let's Go


Tue-Sat, 11.00 - 18.00



Seb Agnew, Arthur Bauer, Ruth Brenner, Paul Brouns, Sophie Dumaresq, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Natasa Galecic, Michael Gatzke, Carlotta Guerra Takeo Hirose, Beate Köhne, Tuomas Korkalo, Anton Lefabi, Ming Lu, Jean-Baptiste Monnin, Adriane Morand, Gloria Oyarzabal, Martin T Raggio, Cesare Reggiani, Geza Ricz, Soji Shimizu, Jürgen Sobkowiak, Astrid Verhoef, Jasna Vukos, Cate Wind, Elizabeth Withstandley

Curated by Emily Dickinson

The current policy (Click and Meet) allows visits by appointment until further notice. An appointment can also be made directly at the door. A daily negative Covid-19 test result and the wearing of FFP2 mouth and nose protection are mandatory.

BBA New Currents is a recurring format featuring the gallery’s newfound talents. We find many of our collaborating artists through our international open calls. This series highlights selections of fresh and exciting positions. Let’s connect, communicate and discover. 

Zusammen: Let’s Go synergises a diverse group of creatives in the spirit of new beginnings. 26 international artists are showing one work each in a variety of media and a wide spectrum of content. The selection of artworks allows for the discovery of unexpected relations.

Included are works from Amsterdam based Astrid Verhoef, whose photography contains highly staged scenes that verge on the surreal, placing individuals and objects where they don’t seem to belong. Yugoslavian born artist Geza Ricz’ paintings explore the relationship between figuration and abstraction, using harsh blocks of vibrant colour over figurative lines and UK based artist Ruth Brenner who’s sculptural practice is based on intuitive material exploration and combination, studies ideas of the bodily.

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