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Volksbühne Berlin
Volksbühne Berlin

21.04.2021 19:00 Uhr
Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin

1001-2 (One Zero Zero One Part-2) is a lecture-oratorio for Scheri, your personal virtual storyteller. Echoing Scheherazade’s premise that storytelling over an extended period of time can transform a tyrant, Scheri explores the critical, political and healing potential of stories. On the week of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, the disembodied voice of Scheri becomes malware which infiltrates despotic systems while they’re sleeping, hijacking their tyrannical temptations, hacking their destructive drives.   Text and Vocals: Selin Davasse Sound and Music: Billy Bultheel Styling and Photography: Christian Stemmler Voice Coaching: Dorothee Barall   Part of the new series Next Waves Theater, hosted by Armen Avanessian & Enemies

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Volksbühne Berlin


Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin


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