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Haus2konzerte #1

An open-minded house concert series. ASK HELMUT

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13.04.2021 20:00 Uhr
FreiLand Potsdam, Potsdam

All editions are carefully curated by brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, also known as award-winning cello-piano duo Brueder Selke, founders of Q3Ambientfest. Presented by hausZwei/Libertalia e.V. Space is limited. 5-15€ suggested donation. :::::: Marie Awadis :::::: Marie Awadis is a classically trained pianist, born in Lebanon into an Armenian family and currently living in Germany. she is known for her deep sensible and intimate warm sound. through time her interest in jazz and non-classical music, awakened in her the need to start writing and playing her own compositions, which became her passion and inspiration since 5 years. Her music is described as imaginative and melancholic, reflecting her daily life and experience. Musically a mixture of the three different cultures she was raised with, inviting the listeners to her deeper feelings of joy, sadness, hope, disappointment and longing, but yet leaving them to experience their own inner world to create their own space of imagination and images. Her style is a mixture of modern classic with a touch of minimal music, sometimes with a flair of her Armenian roots, giving a fresh touch to the atmosphere of her pieces. Her last album ‚Searching‘ was released 2017. And currently she’s working 0n her new album which will be released this year. :::::: Brueder Selke :::::: The brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke or Brueder Selke, mostly known as CEEYS are East German composers and poly-instrumentalist recording artists and performers based in Potsdam, nearby Berlin. While mainly connected to the fields of contemporary classical and ambient music, their works balance these genres. BS perform an idiosyncratic style that is characterised by intimate and playful improvisations and a rather reduced approach to contemporary composition. By exploiting their knowledge of songwriting, textures and repetitive patterns, they create an experimental but accessible minimalism between the avant-garde and pop that incorporates elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music. Indebted to their childhood environments, their music is as much a product of their childhood landscapes, as it is the modern world in which they live. Their award-winning work is provoked by their urge to explore recollections of their youth, both before and after the fall of the Communist regime, and to apply those lessons and influences to contemporary music. In October 2020 they released “Hausmusik” which saw John Lewis describe it as “...metronomic, Nyman-ish miniatures that sound as if they’ve been plotted on graph paper; tracks like Reunion see them jabber rhythmically, with Sebastian playing pizzicato; elsewhere they explore texture – creaking strings, bashed wood, triple stopping – over minimal one-chord drones with a horror-movie intensity.“ The Guardian writes. New music and projects are set for release in 2021.

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FreiLand Potsdam

Friedrich-Engels-Straße 22, 14473 Potsdam

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