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Phänomenales Duo! It's magical, wenn RY X und Frank Wiedemann aka ein Teil von Âme live performen. Basslastig, einzigartig und vor allem: Elektronisch! ASK HELMUT

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Tue 30.03.2021 18:30
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin
32,40 € - 32,40 €

Berlin, April 7th, 2020 Funkhaus is honoured to present for the first time in iconic Saal 1, one of the most avant-garde musical duos of the contemporary music scene.

Consisting of Frank Wiedemann of Âme and alternative artist/producer RY X, Howling released their debut album "Sacred Ground" in 2014 to widespread acclaim.
Though they come from quite opposite ends of the spectrum, there’s a tangible sense of understanding and appreciation between singer/producer/cult artist Ry X and producer/live electronic artist/label owner Frank Wiedemann. The former hails from a background of folk-pop songs that revolve around freeness and simplicity; the latter remains a king in the underground as 1/2 of Âme, with layered productions that build around a tight 4/4 structure. One had a wild bohemian upbringing in remote Australia, the other grew up in Karlsruhe, a forward-thinking hub of science and technology in Southwest Germany. One lives in Los Angeles, the other 9 hours ahead in Berlin. Both Frank and Ry X often use the word “magic” when describing their productions, their live performances, and the project as a whole. And for good reason: there’s a special sense of happenstance and symbiosis to everything surrounding Howling, from the way they met (over a Skype video chat with a mutual friend, having no knowledge of each other’s music), to their first project (a sketch that became an unintentional hit), to their first live performances. Asked to perform at a Berlin radio station and Watergate (having never performed – or even played – together previously), during their first soundchecks they found themselves improvising naturally, intuitively, and unendingly, and recorded the sessions.

Frank and RY also took their collaboration out on the road, translating the album into a mesmerising live show and playing a string of sold-out shows and festivals in the UK and across the world. They return to play live with the promise of new music arriving soon.

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