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SAND Issue 22 Virtual Launch

A virtual salon of select performances from SAND 22

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Cover image: Wojciech Feć / Flyer design: Siena Powers & Francesca Ferrauto

Sun 28.02.2021 20:00
Internet Explorer, Berlin
Admission free

Completing our year of archaeology, SAND 22 feels its way through the junk, keepsakes, and spaces we leave behind. Making sense of the past means both taking it apart and putting it back together.

In the prose, poetry, and art of SAND 22, our pasts and presents prove surprisingly malleable. Clutter dug out of a childhood home is recast into invaluable relics. A photograph’s absence becomes more poignant than its subject. Meanwhile, a scientist and his octopoid muse 🐙 compose a counterpoint of sensory observations, and, on the outskirts of Berlin, an island brazenly invents its history with an ostentation of peacocks and uncomfortable desires.

To celebrate all of this & more, we are inviting you to join us for a virtual evening of selected performances from the new issue, streamed live via our YouTube channel.

The event is free for all, with donations welcome to support SAND and help us continue to pay our contributors without charging submission fees!

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