FOTO: © Sofia Ramirez

Moon Sessions [take3]


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September 24th 2020 • 20:00 h Doors open at 19.30 h tickets 10€ at ARTISTS September 24th Duo Anouchka & Katharina Hack Far East Trio *** If a bow touches the strings and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? We made it our mission to be sure that there are plenty of people able to here it through public recordings, live streams and a growing archive of top notch performances that are accessible to everyone. The Moon Sessions are a regular series of recording session in Berlin open to the public. We aim for the highest quality in performance, vision and audio. The focus is on classical, jazz, contemporary and experimental music, but we are open to any genre and style. Join the Moon Sessions for a true live experience in the unique setting of the Clinker Lounge Berlin. LINK ZUM LIVE STREAM

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