HYBRID Festival 2020

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30.08.2020 19:00 Uhr
Dock 11, Berlin

Termine: 27., 28., 29. und 30. August 2020, jeweils 19.00 Uhr Adresse: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin Zutritt: jew 20 Personen Ticketreservierung: ticket@dock11-berlin.de Bitte reservieren Sie die Tickets via E-Mail mit Angabe von Vor- und Familienname, Telefonnummer, E-Mail-Adresse. Adresse: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin Tickets: 15.- Euro, erm 10.- Euro ---------- HYBRID FESTIVAL is a week of multidisciplinary and multicultural performances, reuniting international and local productions for an exceptional opportunity of exchange and celebration during the pandemic restrictions time. Reflecting the consequences of isolation, confinement and economic struggle; the dismantling recent events and forward thrust of time; the artistic platform of exchange, performance and collaboration will revive the potential of creative acts that generate positive responses, understanding and change. Bridging community and cultures, the HYBRID Festival will create an immersive experience focused on artistic creativity, diversity, solidarity, offering the possibility to the artists and the public to be in the theater space again. Festival Direction/Company: https://www.cbcdance.com/ Festival Program Donnerstag 27 August, 19h antibody - Tomi Paasonen Open Air - Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos Freitag 28 August, 19h STAR DUST - Lea Kieffer As Soon As You Grab It - Batarita Samstag 29 August, 19h As Soon As You Grab It - Batarita «How to get rid of a body. Mimesis» - Leonard Engel Sonntag 30 August, 19h antibody - Tomi Paasonen «How to get rid of a body. Mimesis» - Leonard Engel -------- Open Air Creation and Performance by Jorge De Hoyos (30 min) A solo...manifesting somewhere between a dancer and the ghosts of his father. In the presence of dense and cynical questions about the value of art, a son attempts to conjure something concrete from the open air—a dance perhaps. This piece accentuates the tense relationship between limits and freedom, orienting and getting lost, strict choreography and dancing with joyful abandon. Creation and Performance: Jorge De Hoyos jorgedehoyos.com antibody Solo with and by Tomi Paasonen (20min) After a 6 month period of globally, collectively and individually isolating and negotiating every human interaction, we are all experiencing the epic paradigm shifting wave of the earth shedding itself from our habits and ways of life. this time forces us all to retreat, reflect and adapt. This solo listens to the body’s signals, and unleashes the paradoxes we’re faced with in our desire to connect, conspire and feel comfortable with the homesickness for the ways of life we have lost, in a world with invisible threats making us question our priorities. Choreography and performance: Tomi Paasonen www.paasonen.com STAR DUST Solo with and by Lea Kieffer (20-25 min) “I can only see the dust ......now and it is everywhere ..... inside of me..” Star Dust is a solo exploration and a dear companion for a few years now. It mostly manifests in dusty places or in epic landscapes. But also in my bedroom, in front of the camera, while pandemic. Star Dust is a lonesome song I play when no one is around, and that I like to share. Star Dust is my emptiness queendom, full of stories and ghosts, questions and dead ends, probably a bit of magic too. A timeless place where dust from the past encounters particles of the future, where the deep sea of my imagination breathes through my flesh and bones, animate dead matters, and takes me for a ride. Star Dust is my inner risky moment when the heroine is lost in the desert, and slowly the border between her and the sand becomes more and more porous. That often where it starts. Choreography and performance: Lea Kieffer As Soon As You Grab It Solo with and by Batarita (30min) Work in progress presentation, Planned premier: 6 October 2020, Budapest TRIP Body of source of joy in the shackles of the social net. – Allurement. Allurement? – Subtle vibration. – Flowing. – Transformation. Are you a worm? – Shut up, if you can’t see! Choreography, dance, visual, costume: Batarita Music: Xrc KOVÁCS Balázs Supporter: Touchpoint Art Foundation www.batarita.com/, www.bodyradical.com, www.touchpointart.com « How to get rid of a body. Mimesis » Solo with and by Leonard Engel (ca 20 min) Trying to make a body disappear paradoxically makes it the center of attention, transforming it into a creature between animal and vegetal, a forgotten body covered in moss, a shapeshifting vision in green. A series of fascinating and unsettling transformations that eventually leaves nothing but a body reminded of its material existence and its own mortality. Choreography and performance: Léonard Engel Music Korhan Erel Dramaturgy, Stage Design: Theresa Scheitzenhammer Light Design: Charlotte Marr www.leonardengel.com Picture Credit: Sebastian Lehner

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