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Andreas Schmidt and Friends

mit Rudi Mahall (Bassklarinette) und Heinrich Köbberlin (Schlagzeug) Jazzwoche Berlin #2

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IG Jazz Berlin e.V.

Mon 10.08.2020 21:00
A-Trane, Berlin
0,00 € - 15,00 €

plays anything goes instantly arranged jazz style ....... monk, ornette, standards....... It´s me, the Monday A-Trane pianist Andreas Schmidt. Since 1995 I played here about 900 wonderful & surprising improvised happenings in music with lots of friends like Jay Clayton, Hayden Chisholm, Dave Douglas, Walter Norris, Mark Murphy, Till Brönner, Sebastian Merk, Andreas Edelmann, Jan Roder, Connie Crothers, Max Andrzejewski, Andy Fite etc.. Here’s what Richard Williams wrote about me in his blog: «If you’re ever at a loose end in Berlin on a Monday night, my advice would be to head for A-Trane, the jazz club in Charlottenburg, where Andreas Schmidt, a pianist, composer and teacher at the city’s Jazz Institut, holds a weekly free-admission session featuring a changing cast. Schmidt is a fine pianist, the salient features of his playing located somewhere between the Paul Bley of the mid-’60s and the Chick Corea of «Now He Sings, Now He Sobs». You might get an idea of his approach if I say that his first album was made (in 1995) with Lee Konitz, and a later one comprised a duo with Gary Peacock. His music is cerebral, but on the evidence I’ve heard it never lacks wit and humanity.» Richard Williams



Pestalozzistr. 105, 10625 Berlin