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Presented by monom

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Sat 04.07.2020 14:00
MONOM, Berlin
13,60 € - 13,60 €

monom is pleased to announce the return of SOUND SCULPTURE GALLERY in 4DSOUND

Sound Sculpture Gallery series will showcase new virtuosic experiments and sound sculptures of past commissioned works by adventurous and experimental music innovators.

Artists including Caterina Barbieri, Drew Mcdowall, Aleksi Perala, Croatian Amor, Ale Hop, Felix K and Ena, Helm, Oli XL, Thomas Ankersmit, Tiernan Cross, Cobert, Shifted, RROSE, Xenia Xamanek, Abyss X

VERY LIMITED CAPACITY of 36 people per session.



Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin