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I Am Here

Tanz, Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Performance, Performance

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Fri 03.07.2020 21:00
Uferstudios, Berlin

In “I Am Here” by Aleksandra Petrushevska and Therese Bendjus you are invited to enter an audiovisual experiment on zoom where we seek together to create a joint body with you.
“When we think of beginnings, we eventually have to think of creating something together over distance and of establishing a common ground as soil for things to emerge.
Under these circumstances - will we be still able to create something together?” (Therese and Aleksandra).
We offer two different sessions which will happen each twice. The sessions will be held in English.
The link to each zoom-Session will be available here 5 minutes before the start.
Please make sure to be on time, prepare your space and yourself a few minutes in advance to join with ease since we won’t be able to let you enter once the session has started.
After the four sessions, we will exhibit here four drawings as results of four gatherings with you. Feel free to go and have a look!

Source: Berlin Bühnen



Uferstr. 8/23, 13357 Berlin