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"WALKTHROUGHS - A Further Look" with Claudia Hart

VR art live streamed through the artist's eyes.

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Claudia Hart

Fri 29.05.2020 18:00
Synthesis Gallery, Berlin

Claudia Hart in conversation with Christiane Paul (Curator - Whitney Museum of American Art)

For Walkthroughs, Claudia Hart presents ‘Alice Unchained’ and ‘ON ZOOMOLOGY’. According to Hart: “Alice Unchained is a machine for thinking: a virtual chamber for repose and contemplation.” Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the 2018 work mixes 3D animation, motion-captured ballet and music improvised live in the VR environment to later recapture and place it in the bodies of music avatars who deform to the music. The back and forth exchange between the virtual and live, merges and fuses the two in a liminal, uncanny way. Inspired by the technology theorist Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, Hart creates a chamber music experience that reminds of the 19th century salon for chamber music and time of Alice.

Synthesis Gallery


Kopernikusstraße 14, 10245 Berlin

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