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Performance, Performance, Installation

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Tuca Vieira

Fri 01.05.2020 20:30
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

Barbara Berti, together with Marco Mazzoni and Kareth Schaffer, begins the creation process with an audition for dogs. The performance brings the human animal and the non-human animal together in a safe environment that contemplates different perceptions. Ideas of fun, play and fighting induce participants to navigate instantaneous and interactive choreographic flows. The performers map and structure the space both through intimate acts of presence and the positioning of objects; blurring the boundary between animate and inanimate and continuously deconstructing the ‘situation’. The Situation draws on Donna Haraway’s suggestion to rethink the relationship between species and to “be able to join another, to see together without pretending to be another”. It assumes the unpredictable and insecure threshold in which the continuous construction and destruction of a place are both relational and empathetic. Within it, physicality is a radar, a language to communicate spatially. An expression of the territory and not of identity.

A ritual to connect people beyond cultural, social, or language boundaries; a space of inclusion of all the possible beings, within the lack of social structures. Belonging to a pack, belonging to their own being, belonging to the beings.

concept: Barbara Berti
performers and project collaborators: Marco Mazzoni, Kareth Schaffer, Barbara Berti, Zoe Degli Esposti, Floki Cannata
objects: Marco Mazzoni
production: Xing, Mibac/TIR Danza

Source: Berlin Bühnen

Acker Stadt Palast


Ackerstr. 169/170 , 10115 Berlin