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Villagers of Ioannina City


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Wed 29.04.2020 21:00
Knust, Hamburg

Historically, every single time a musical movement took form, or a local scene emerged, the roles of
the bands involved have been similar. There are the forefathers that laid the path, the loyal workers
that took the music as far as possible and the spectacular sensations that made the headlines and
brought in the large crowds who until then, were not aware of something important going on. In the
case of the Greek heavy rock movement that leaves a mark on European rock n roll this last decade,
the Villagers Of Ioannina City have definitely been that spectacular sensation.
The year were everything was set in stone was 2007, in a northwest corner of Greece, among the
mountains and lakes of Epirus. VIC treaded around sounds and ideas, looking for a distinctive
sonic identity and they really took their time doing so. A few musical gold diggers knew something
was brewing within that band, while the large audience had no clue.

Source: Hamburg Tourism



Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg