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Devon Welsh • Berlin


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Mon 06.04.2020 20:00
Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
16,40 €

ListenBerlin, Powerline Agency & ASK HELMUT present:

Devon Welsh

ListenBerlin: (print@home & Mobile Ticket)

Presale: 14€ (plus fees) • Box Office: 18€
Doors: 8PM • Start: 8.30PM



Can music make you feel less alone? Can it foster intimacy from afar? In his stark songs, which are like sonic poems, the Canadian artist Devon Welsh has mined such questions with rigor, vulnerability, and grace. From 2010 to present, his body of work has pushed language to the fore in service of closing the space between artist and listener, prizing human connection above all.

With his duo Majical Cloudz, Welsh found a huge audience for that vision: he released two critically-acclaimed LPs with Matador Records, and went from DIY house-show tours to playing arenas with Lorde. Moreover, Welsh created life-affirming moments: on-stage, he looked people in the eye – blurring the line between music and performance art – and could bewilder listeners or make them cry. But after disbanding Majical Cloudz in 2016, Welsh retreated to take stock of his purpose as an artist. He shifted his relationship with music. His solo album, ​"Dream Songs​", arrived in 2018, rescaling the pulsing heart of his work with arresting orchestral arrangements.

Welsh’s second solo album is called ​"True Love​", and it strengthens the poetry, illumination, and appealing minimalism of his best work. Working more fluidly and intuitively than before, Welsh reflects powerfully on the ambiguous emotional spaces around love – romantic, platonic, internal; how love can be a game, a daydream, a paradise, or horror.

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