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WorldWideBeats by DAGVII


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Badehaus Berlin

Fri 27.03.2020 23:30
Badehaus Berlin, Berlin

DAGVII (La Bomba, MirMix Community) with his new world electronic music program. Join for a night full of traditional melodies on an electronic basis, feel the deep magic of the continents, the sounds of unknown instruments, step into the fog of rhythm!

Let's trip together directly after the concert of Skazka Orchestra - Badehaus Berlin !

Resident DJ of MIRMIX Bash – the global music party and La Bomba Cumbia Party Berlin. Half Russian and half German and as boundless as his music, he has traversed the musical landscape since he was a child. His crossover of traditional sounds and modern beats tears down any cultural walls. It is accompaniment, atmosphere, inspiration and comfort all in one – energetic and uplifting to the last drop.

Badehaus Berlin


Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin