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made of Concrete / 5 Years / w/ Johannes Volk, Sylvie Maziarz


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Fr 20.03.2020 23:59
Suicide Club, Berlin
7,00 € - 12,00 €

In occasion of the labels 5th birthday, "made of CONCRETE" returns to the Suicide Club with an compelling lineup. 7 artists from the label family will please you with an unique soundtrack for your night out.

The main floor provides you all the facets and periods of Techno. Established artists and new faces focus on the sound of Techno and show its richness. Lets make a trip together and dive deep into the versatility of monotone rhythms.

The second floor showcases a more eclectic sound universe. We don’t know what to expect but we’re sure we all will get lost in the diversity.

Suicide Club


Revaler Str. 99 / Zugang via Warschauer Brücke, 10245 Berlin