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Further Than The Furthest Thing


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Sat 07.03.2020 20:00
Hamburger Sprechwerk, Hamburg

On a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic secrets are buried. When the outside world comes calling, intent on manipulation for political and economic reasons, the islanders find their own world blown apart from the inside as well as beyond. Further than the Furthest Thing is a beautifully drawn story evoking the sadness and beauty of a civilisation in crisis.
Further than the Furthest Thing premiered at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh in August, 2000.
Jason Couch and Couch Theatre
Couch Theatre, founded by Jason Couch, is a theatre group, based in Hamburg, Germany specializing mainly in readings, rehearsed readings and musical events in German and English.

Source: Culturebase

Hamburger Sprechwerk


Klaus-Groth-Str. 23, 20535 Hamburg