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The Vibrators


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Tue 03.03.2020 22:30
Quasimodo, Berlin
17,20 €

In 2005 the band released the LIVE ENERGIZE CBGB’S 2004 DVD and early the following year released a ’77 punk covers album PUNK: THE EARLY YEARS. Early in 2008 Knox had an accident and was not able to return to the band for 14 months, so an earlier Vibrators‘ guitarist NIGEL BENNETT (EX-MEMBERS/VIBRATORS) was brought in and the band continued with most songs being sung by Pete the bass player. Early in 2009 they released GARAGE PUNK, a compilation of mainly ’60s garage tracks. Knox rejoined the band in August, and they released UNDER THE RADAR, a studio album containing 14 new songs at the end of November 2009. In March 2010 they returned to being a three-piece: Knox (guitar/vocals), Pete (bass) and Eddie (drums).

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