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Forum Expanded NDN Survival Trilogy

by Thirza Cuthand

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Sa 29.02.2020 14:00 – 18:00
Botschaft von Kanada in Deutschland, Berlin

Exhibition opening: Feb 20 at 5.30 pm
Embassy of Canada, Marshall McLuhan Salon
Leipziger Pl. 17, 10117 Berlin

4-channel video installation, 37 min. English.

NDN SURVIVAL TRILOGY brings together three of Thirza Cuthand’s recent short films that tackle the issue of extractive capitalism and its effects on the Indigenous population of Canada. Cuthand trains an idiosyncratic, queer lens on a wide range of interconnected topics:
EXTRACTIONS parallels resource extraction with the booming child apprehension industry. As the filmmaker reviews how these industries have affected her, she reflects on having her own eggs retrieved and frozen to make an Indigenous baby. Grappling with a latent gas mask fetish, in LESS LETHAL FETISHES Cuthand muses on art world political controversies, toxic emissions from the petrochemical industry, and complicity in repression and pollution as an artist enmeshed in an art and film industry propped up by dirty funders. RECLAMATION is a documentary futurism short about three Indigenous survivors left behind on Earth after white people leave a destroyed planet behind for Mars. While seemingly dystopic, this film is filled with hope and humor and looks at potential solutions for current crises.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada.

Free of admission

opening hours
21.02.– 01.03. Mon–Fri 12:00–18:00
Sat–Sun 14:00–18:00