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(Sandy) Alex G

presented by ASK HELMUT

Die Musik des neuen Albums des Indierockers aus Philadelphia, ist so verspult, wie seine Gedanken. Was alles andere als negativ gemeint ist, sondern ganz viel Charme und Menschlichkeit aufweist. Tapeschichten treffen auf jede Menge Lo-Fi-Appeal. Ein must see and listen!

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Sat 22.02.2020 19:00
Lido, Berlin
15,00 €

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Presale: 15€ (plus fees)
Doors: 7PM • Start: 8PM


Presented by Powerline Agency, ListenBerlin & ASK HELMUT.


There’s hardly a second when Alex Giannascoli’s voice can’t be heard in “Walk Away,” the opener of his latest album, "House of Sugar". The distended, pitched-up wail that introduces the track gives way to cascading layers of his more familiar intonations. “Someday I’m gonna walk away from you,” he sings; “not today.” These are the song’s only words, repeated again and again for more than four minutes.

In the repetition, emphasis shifts from “someday” to “not today" and back, leaving the listener in a space of uncertainty. It’s in this space that Giannascoli – the 26-year-old artist better known as SANDY Alex G – lingers throughout the album’s thirteen songs: between backwards and forwards, past and future, one voice and another. On "House of Sugar", his third full-length for Domino and ninth overall, Alex inhabits a diverse range of musical and emotional points-of-view (often simultaneously), in turn illuminating the tension that hides in the shadow of desire.