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Nerang Presents / Goddard Soela Verner Ray Kandinski Whipr Snipr


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Fr 14.02.2020 23:00
Beate Uwe, Berlin

Nerangs Valentines Special

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(Church & Apparel Music)

Manchester-based Loz Goddard first emerged on to the scene back in 2015 with his 'Loose Jams' EP on Fouk's Outplay Records and since then, has gone from strength to strength with a string of releases on labels such as Church, Dirt Crew, Razor N Tape & Quintessentials. Who better then to headline our valentines special !

(Kompakt Records & Shall Not Fade)
Soela returns just in time for our next ep on Nerang with six tracks of lushness come down and swing them boots and get a sneak peek, it’s always a fun boogie when she is behind the booth!

It’s been a while since we have had the delight of verner at a Nerang showcase and this is the perfect time for his return to Beate uwe bringing nothing but love to the dance floor

Ray Kandinski
Almost a year since we have had some Kandinski time with the fam valentines wouldn’t be the same without the man himself lock in for a set like no other

Slim Steve
( E-Beamz & X-Kalay)
Dj Whipr Snipr
(Nerang Recordings - The New U.S. Government)
Opening the night is the boddin boys whipr and slim Steve get down early as warm up isn’t in their vocabulary!
These two are both set for a big 2020

Beate Uwe


Schillingstr. 31, 10179 Berlin