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Foursome - 2 Year Edition

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…WE’VE DONE THEM ALL...TWICE!

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Jean Yann Records

Fri 07.02.2020 21:00
Anita Berber, Berlin

Too Foursome to be true?! Nope - We're celebrating @Anita Berber our Foursome 2 Year Anniversary. Here's what's going to hit you:

- A quality and sticky 6 DJs line-up 📀🐥
- Doors opening at 9pm and closing at least 11hours later 😈⏳
- 2 cocktails of the night 🍸🍹
- Special prizes, surprises and prices... 👾🎁

◉ GiZ (Sunday Drivers / Love Foundation)
◉ Sauerkraut (Techno ist kein Glitzer)
◉ Mad Shivers (Jean Yann)
◉ Kim (XLR)
◉ Phteven (Maune)
◉ Selchow (Jean Yann)

Come early, go late and be open-minded 4 some magic.

♥ Good Karma ☞

In Jean Yann we trust. 🦆

Artwork & Graphics: Victoria Widiez

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Anita Berber


Pankstrasse 17 (Pankeweg, Alte Fabrik, Follow the Pankeweg. It is right behind the railway tunnel), 13357 Berlin

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