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Patricia Matos

Wed 29.01.2020 20:00 + 1 date
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
9,00 € - 16,00 €

Immersive performance of light and sound in which subjective narratives are created by the viewer’s perception and the performer is an amplified body.The performance encourages the audience to experience body sensations from a contaminated mind, that displays strong pressure indices.
Sensing and reflecting on the consequences of the past in our present, can possibly redraw new paths for the future.

The performer, images and sounds produce an ethereal labyrinth that slowly transports the audience into a phobic state of mind. FFOBIA SETOR reflects acomplex universe that constantly feeds back into new phobic-anxious disorders, mental breakdowns and psychiatric medications. As these disorders become increasingly common, they open new perspectives into the historical period in which we live as well as a glimpse of the future ahead. Somewhere between the real and the imaginary, the conscious and the unconscious, it stimulates the individual perception of the viewer.

This process brings together concepts of performativity, post-dramatic theater, expanded cinema and immersive installations in order to create an interdependent process among different areas, comprehending the audience as a source of narrative. The performer becomes a porous body, not defined as the central object of the scene, but as an integral part of a wider, everchanging process. The result is a mutable and hybrid body that reflects states of the world in which we live.

Mirella Brandi and Muep Etmo have worked together since 2006 always exploring light and sound as narrative language in immersive installations and collaborative performances. To integrate the project FFOBIA SETOR the duo invite the performer and multimedia artist Pedro Galiza and had its debuts in march 2018.

Source: Berlin Bühnen

Acker Stadt Palast


Ackerstr. 169/170 , 10115 Berlin


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