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Sat 25.01.2020 22:00
Eschschloraque, Berlin

Party addicted and fleamarket’s vinyl junkee, since his early days in Berlin, Mybachdisco gets in touch with the unique atmosphere of a city “in-between”. Getting the chance to being in contact with the infamous label Bptich Control, he could absorb day and night the Berlin electro music scene in all its entirety. In the attempt to put together the music influences of more than 20 years, he always tries to reproduce this ride between timeless sounds and forgotten spaces playing a “back into groove” mix of electro, disco & dub.

You may have already listened to him playing at Das Hotel during his monthly residency “Mo Better Funk” or at Farbfernseher, at Goldengate and at Gretchen, sharing the decks with important names like Nickodemus, Pagliara, The Ivory Boy, Mop Mop and many others. Currently still based in Berlin and producing releases together with his partner in crime Tulioxi under the italian label “Cosmic Sumo”. Take a music ride:



Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin