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BIMM Connect Metal Night


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Badehaus Berlin

Sat 25.01.2020 19:00
Badehaus Berlin, Berlin
5,00 € - 15,00 €

BIMMetal presents you some of the finest heavy BIMM bands

| Poison Crow (UK) “Poison Crow encapsulate the aggression and attitude that defines what Bristol’s heavy music scene is all about. Lyrical content exploring morbid fantasy and masochistic self-destruction pair seductively with captivating vocal melodies, to juxtapose against a crushing lead guitar and cutting rhythm section. Monstrous yet groovy riffs, and relentless intensity are pivotal to their behemothic live performance, which leaves you, the murder of crows, addicted.”
Music Video:
| Cylus (UK) “Brighton based Groove Metal/Metalcore 4-piece Cylus formed in October 2017. Cylus are bringing some of the tightest, heaviest riffs along the South Coast of the UK, drawing huge influence from bands such as Gojira and Lamb of God, Cylus promote a united wall of sound with few moments to catch a breath.”
| REVO_band (Bln) “Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when musicians from all across Europe bring their musical experiences to one table ? If so, and if heavy metal boils your blood, then Berlinbased REVO is definitely a band to check out! The multi-faceted quartet presents a blend of heavy riffs and melodic sequences, thereby incorporating each individual’s background. As such, a crying guitar tone encounters waving bass lines, crossing with dramatic and screaming vocals. This all ends up in making the bands’ color one of a kind, while still being highly influenced by powerhouses such as Pantera, Opeth, RATM or Porcupine Tree. So far, the band has always succeeded in making their audience headbang and mosh, reflecting the energy coming from stage. If all of this makes your inner metalhead break out, this band is not one to miss.”
Live Video:
| Cuprion (Bln) "Berlin band Cuprion bends complex signatures, rhythms and arrangement to their aspiration of modern metal music. Being a quartet from France, Sweden, Iran and Israel the band presents an evolving style of riff-oriented progressive metal. Emphasizing, on the idea of musical balance between heavy and soft-sounding, which Includes a mixed sound of Gojira, Jinjer, Tool and Lamb of God. Furthermore, believing in the idea that Metal can be enjoyable to anyone as long as the music speaks- and stands for itself. Ultimately, they seek to inspire listeners with their epic music of technical drums, screaming vocals, aggressive bass and creative guitar work by bringing their artillery to every show."

DOORS 19:00 / START 19:30
Entry 5-15€ / BIMM students free with valid student ID

Badehaus Berlin


Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin