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Mynolia :: Thursdays Live in Rixdorf


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Thu 23.01.2020 20:00
Rotbart, Berlin

Filling a Neukölln winter with 🥀Dreamscape Folk Tunes🥀 for an evening of escapism, soft swaying, head bobbing and warm vibes by candle light.

Mynolia is the heart project of Maja Kala, a singer, guitarist and songwriter raised in Canada and New Zealand, and based in Berlin. Accompanied by drums and bass, she creates a haunting atmosphere in her live set. Her sonic direction might be best described as Mystical Folk, a vulnerable landscape, a unique musical handwriting, delivered simultaneously with ease and emotional depth. Striking and intricate vocal melodies delivering complex, dream-like themes. She always felt drawn to music from around the world, and is often melodically inspired by Bulgarian choirs, traditional Armenian folk songs and 60s & 70s Bollywood. In 2019, she recorded and released her first single, Train of Thought, and will be releasing two more singles in January 2020.

Goldrush (live session) -
Train of Thought -


Entrance: 7€

Thursdays Live in Rixdorf is curated by Jamila Al-Yousef.

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