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Coeus ( Afterlife I Moblack Records )


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Sat 18.01.2020 23:45

Coeus (Afterlife I Moblack Records)

Serbian based Coeus is steadily growing and is striving to become one of the electronic music finest dj/producers of the Balkans. Playing the piano from the young age has led his music evolve into deep and melodic sound filled with expanded melodic structures. With his releases like 'Eden' on Afterlife, 'Elysian' on Moblack Records, and 'Forgotten Love' on Mimesis, he menaged to get a lot of attention.

In a short time, he gained the support by the sceene fines, with his tracks regularly played by the names like Tale of Us, Solomun, Adriatique, Dixon and many more.

Starting his career mainly staying on the production at first, Coeus has fast established himself as a dj aswell. With the sets that vary from Afro to more electronic and disco sound you can be sure that it will always keep you moving.

Till today, he played with the names like Solomun, Tale of Us, Black Coffee, Adriatique among others.

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