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Ray Collins Hot Club


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Sat 18.01.2020 21:00
Knust, Hamburg

Ray Collin’s Hot Club

Some of the bandmembers have been playin around together since the late 80´s.
But the band was put together in 2000 and had it´s big break in 2001 when we played the Rhythm Riot! ín the UK as one of the headlining bands on last position saturday night.
People from all over the world go to this festival and after that we were booked everywhere (except Irak and the states).
The first LP "Shaking That Boogie" (released by vinyl japan, Japan) sold all over the world but sold best in Japan.
Second LP "Honk My Horn" (released by Goofin´ Records, Finland) was the first one to include one of the well liked Soundies.
In 2004 we got a phone call by Til Schweiger who invited us to appear on his next movie "Barfuss" which should become a big one in Germany.
The band provided two songs including the title song "Barefoot" and a live performance of "Shaking That Boogie".
Ironically it was not before then Germany took a bigger interest in the band.
The third album "Tohuwabohu" will be out this month (Crazy Love records, Germany). As the ones before it will include a mixture of early Rhythm and Blues sounds.

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

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Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg