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Sean Rowe

presented by ASK HELMUT

Alternative Singer-Songwriter-Sounds von diesem Herren aus den Staaten. Tiefe, beeindruckende Stimme, zarte Gitarrenriffs – Nicht zuletzt wurden seine Songs in Serien wie "The Blacklist" oder in dem Kinofilm "The Accountant" gefeatured. Jetzt ist der Künstler endlich zurück auf Europatour! ASK HELMUT

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Sun 15.12.2019 19:00
Auster Club, Berlin
15,00 € - 18,00 €

Presented by Direct Concerts, Target Concerts GmbH & ASK HELMUT.

Though he grew up in the generally frozen landscape of Troy, New York, Sean Rowe spent many of his formative summers in DeLand, Florida – a small town between Orlando and Daytona Beach – where his father was a residential caretaker at a home for troubled youths. It was there, in a mercifully air-conditioned, mostly unused building filled with donated musical instruments, that Sean taught himself to play drums and then bass. For those who have wondered where his distinctly low and percussive approach to guitar playing comes from, I believe you now have your answer.

Over the course of his career, Sean Rowe has recorded five full-length albums and several EPs. His music has been used widely throughout film and television, with notable examples including NBC’s hit dramas The Blacklist and Parenthood. Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind” was the only non-score track to be featured in Ben Affleck’s hit 2016 feature film, The Accountant and has since received nearly 4.5 million streams on Spotify alone. He tours nearly nonstop and later this year, he’ll return to Europe for two weeks with stops in the U.K., Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Germany.